SCOPE (Sustainable Ocean on Progressive Economy) is a webinar series that will be held online with a purpose of enriching people’s knowledge and sensitivity for ocean engineering and maritime related issues. This webinar series is focused solely on one theme “blue economy” which is related to the ocean engineering world.


SCOPE #1 - Coastal Development: Synergizing Economy and Ecosystem

Dr. Frida Sidik

Researcher at the Ministry of

Marine Affairs and Fisheries

Dr. Nita Yuanita

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs of

the Faculty of Civil and Environmental

Engineering at Bandung Institute

of Technology

2 October 2021

13:00 WIB (UTC+7)

SCOPE #2 - Marine and Archipelagic Tourism: A way to strengthen Indonesian economy

30 October 2021

13:00 WIB (UTC+7)

Bobby Weliyanto

Entrepreneur and Ecotourism at Benetta Liveaboard

Fira Karinsha

Product Manager at CoHive

SCOPE #3 - Fisheries Management

26 November 2021

19:00 WIB (UTC+7)

Dr.-Ing. Semeidi Husrin, ST. M.Sc

Head of Marine Research


SCOPE #4 - Energize the World with
Ocean Renewable Energy

January 2021

19:30 WIB (UTC+7)