Having Work-Life Balanced


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Image by Oziel Gómez
Having work-life balance is crucial in maintaining physical and mental health | Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

The desire to achieve something greater in life can lead one to have an overworked life. It could take a lot of  time, health, and also social life. The frequent health issues people have in their workplace is chronic stress, which can lead to physical health for example digestive troubles, hypertension, and chronic aches and pains. Chronic stress can also put people into a higher-risk of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. When someone puts up with stress for a long period of time it leads to burnout, causes mood swings, fatigue, and decreases work rate.

Work-life balance is when one can equally fulfill their professional life and their personal life. Having work-life balance would help maintain one’s mental and physical health, reduce stress and burnout, and also increase their work productivity. There are a lot of ways one can do to achieve work-life balance, depending on how they see it and their needs. Here are some ways one can do it.

Follow Your Passion


Finding a job that matches the passion could be challenging for some people. Try to look inside you to understand more about yourself so that makes it easier to know your own passion. It is sometimes not easy to find a job that you love completely, try to love some aspect of it, something that excites you enough to come to work. When you come to work with a happy mind and enjoy what you do, it will help increase your productivity.

Precedence Your Health

When you find a job that you love, and you start to work, it requires a lot of your attention and time, sometimes making you neglect your health. It is important for you to maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. You can do it by eating healthy food, doing some exercise, meditating, frequently checking up on your health to the doctor, and keeping in touch with your family and friends.


Set Boundaries

In this pandemic situation, where many people spend a lot of time in their home, because of work from home regulation, we see people scheduling a meeting at 3 am or times when they should take a break. It is not healthy and there’s no personal space for someone to rest. Setting boundaries between your work life and your personal life is good for your mental and emotional health. By saying “no” to a certain job offer that makes you overwhelmed, is the first step you can do to have a better lifestyle.


After you set the boundaries between your work life and personal life, having a better understanding about yourself will help you organize your priorities. There are no right or wrong priorities because it all depends on your needs at the moment. By organizing your priorities, you can set your own goals and targets clearer. Thus, you will avoid yourself getting into an overworked lifestyle.

Stop Hustle Culture

In this era, a lot of people feel guilty when they are not busy because they think hard work is a mere factor to define their success but it is not like that. It is important to know when we should work and when we should take a break, your health comes first. Set a time for you to do your hobbies, catch up with the loved ones, and enjoy the moment. Also, start focusing on your own goals because it is easy to get lost in hustle culture by comparing your goals to others. When you are already lost with your own goals, it is easier for you to overwork yourself that leads to burnout. The important key is to stop glorifying hustle culture and do your job according to your own ability and at your own pace.

Some of the points from above are just some ways you can do, there are still a lot of ways you can do to achieve your own kind of work-life balance. It is not instant progress, but it’s a cycle of continuous re-evaluation and improvement. When you get into that cycle, you can have balance in your work-life.